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Women of Facebook . . . Reclaim your Identity!

Ed and TamiBeing married is a wonderful thing.  I myself have been married almost twenty years!  But  . . .there is one bad thing about being married for a women-- on some level you give up part of your identity.  On Facebook it's all about your identity. Finding friends that you haven't seen for years is more difficult when your last name is changed.  I know what a good friends name was when we were seventeen, but there's a good chance that her name has changed.  How do you find those people on Facebook?  Better yet, the question should be; how do you make yourself findable?

The answer is really quite easy.  Two weeks ago I went into my Facebooks settings and added my maiden name.  Now I am, Tami Bursma Vroma.  Since that time, I have had five old friends find me just because I added my maiden name.  Now I am reclaiming my old identity and more friends from the past are finding me.  One can never have enough friends!

Comment balloon 15 commentsTami Vroma • November 27 2008 10:22AM
Women of Facebook Reclaim your Identity!
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