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Bathtub Resurfacing West Michigan-My Bathtub looks like new thanks to Bathmasters!

Picture of stained bathtub in West MichiganThanks to Bathmasters, a company that does Bathtub Resurfacing in West Michigan, my bathub looks like brand new.  I wrote a post several weeks back, Bathtub Refinishing West Michigan - Will they be able to make my tub look new again?,  about checking into having my bathtub refinished or resurfaced.  Not only did I need it done myself (as you can see my the picture to the right), but I wanted a viable option to be able to recommend to both my clients who have just purchased homes in West Michigan and those that are about to sell.

When my husband and I started thinking about ripping out our old one piece tub and surround, it sounded daunting.  Although we were fully capable of doing the work ourselves, it was still going to cost money and time.  I started calling around Grand Rapids for bathtub refinishing, a process by which they reglaze the bathtub.  As I explored the possibilities, I found that not only can your refinish a fiberglass bathtub but also ceramic tile, porcelain and counter tops. 

I got quotes from two different companies.  Bathmasters definitely beat everyone in price and they have been around a long time.  My bathtub and surround ran $450 which is well below the cost to rip the whole shower out and put a new one in.  Bathmasters called me back within the same day and had it scheduled for the next business day. 

Man reglazing a bathtub in West MichiganThey arrived exactly when they said they would at 8:30 am this past Monday.  He immediately started preparing the entire bathroom for the process by making sure everything was covered so as not to get over spray dust on anything.  All my cupboards, counters, toilet and towel bars were all covered.  Even the floor was completely protected.  The process with the tub was started by a very thorough cleaning.  I was concerned because there was some adhesive and also two small chips in the bottom of the tub.  But the chips were repaired and the adhesive taken off.

West michigan bathtub resurfacedHe began spraying the tub at around 10 am with the primer.  I was already excited with just the primer on!!  He then put the non-slip material in the bottom which I am really glad I got.  It was all said and done by around noon and it looked absolutely gorgeous!

This is definitely a much more inexpensive way to go and there is a 5 year warranty!!  If you refinish your bathtub, I would advise you do it before any painting of the bathroom.  If I were to do it again, I would definitely wait until we were going to be out of the house for several days.  We only have one bathroom and we were not to go in the room for at least 24 hours.  Additionally, the fumes are noxious--but well worth it because it looks great!  I am so excited to clean my new bathtub.  Instead of five hours to clean, it will only be 5 minutes.

Now I have to tell my husband we need to paint, get new light fixtures, get new cupboards.  Somehow I don't think my husband will be too happy to have more "honey do's" added to his list.  Thank goodness he is used it.  We do a lot of work ourselves.  You can also read Oak Cabinets with a New Face - Glazed Cabinets are Beautifulabout reglazing our cabinets!

So, If you are looking for someone in West Michigan to refinish your bathtub, I can not recommend Bathmasters high enough!  You can call them today at 800-585-1000.  Tell them Tami sent you!

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Bathtub Resurfacing West Michigan-My Bathtub looks like new thanks to…
Thanks to Bathmasters, a company that does Bathtub Resurfacing in West Michigan my bathub looks like brand new. I wrote a post several weeks back, Bathtub Refinishing West Michigan - Will they be able to make my tub look new again? about… more