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Bathtub Refinishing West Michigan - Will they be able to make my tub look new again?

Bathtub Refinishing West Michigan - Will they be able to make my tub look new?

Bath tup with poor finish

I got a quote from a company yesterday to have a bathtub restoration done in my West Michigan home.  We just can't keep it clean anymore and we really don't want to rip it out-it would be so much easier to do a bathtub restoration

The pictures attached make it look like I am a pig and I really am not.  The process we have been following to get this tub to look even remotely clean, is absolutely ridiculous.  It is literally an all day event and it involves A LOT of Kaboom.  I go through a whole bottle and just keep spraying it, letting it sit, scrubbing and spraying it again.  It takes about 8 times of repeating this to get it to look even a little clean. Then we use it twice and it looks absolutely awful again.

I even tried getting it all clean and went out and bought this stuff that was suppose to seal the fiberglass.  What a waste of money!  The sealer did absolutely nothing but make it slippery for three days and then it was just as nasty looking again.

So about a month ago, I was watching a show called "Take five", a local talk show, that had a company  on talking about how they could restore a fiberglass tub and ceramic tile.  They showed pictures of this awful pink tiled bathroom and then they showed pictures of it restored.  I'm pretty sure as a Realtor I have been in that pink tiled bathroom five thousand times.  My clients could really benefit from this and I am more than willing to throw myself out there to be the guinea pig. 

Yesterday Scott came out and looked at it.  First off, he was a very nice guy.  Easy to talk to--just a genuinely good guy.  He talked about the steps they take to clean the tub--they even remove all the old caulk around the tub enclosure.  He talked about how they don't use acid etching because it is bad for the environment.  They spray the tub several times with a special bonding agent.  To top it off, there is a 5 year warranty. 

The cost to do it was $500.  At first it sounded really expensive.  Then I started adding up the cost to rip it out and replace it.  Now true, my husband and I are fully capable of doing all the work ourselves but it would still cost us about $1000 and a lot of time that we don't have.  So, I am jumping in with both feet to be the guinea pig.  We will let you know how this West Michigan Bathtub Refinishing goes.  I am going to be excited just to spend under 15 minutes cleaning a tub!  So hopefully this bath tub refinishing will be well worth it!!!  Stay tuned with a follow up on how it went.

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Comment balloon 9 commentsTami Vroma • September 26 2009 02:14PM


Tami, good point. Bathtubs are some of the toughest to keep clean. The restoration idea sounds wonderful...

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) almost 8 years ago

Tami, I have an old porecelin tub.  Keeping it clean is a nightmare.  I don't know if this would work on porecelin but I hope it works for you!  Btw, it's a great find--I do know the cleaning nightmares you've gone through :)

Posted by Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island) almost 8 years ago

Gary- This one is a serious nightmare to clean!!

Carole - I know this company is all over the U.S. so I will let you know.  I do know they do porcelin.  My Mom had it done on our old claw foot tub years ago-not with this company but it looked awesome.

Posted by Tami Vroma, Realtor, Grand Rapids MI Real Estate (West Michigan Real Estate Specialist-Five Star Real Estate) almost 8 years ago

Tami, be sure to keep us updated as I have this exact same problem in my older home.  It is embarassing, but is just impossible to get the tub clean.

Posted by Christine McInerney, The McInerney Team, Knoxville TN Homes For Sale (The McInerney Team with Realty Executives Associates) almost 8 years ago
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Posted by bjdbyb over 6 years ago

I am interested on the outcome of this Bathtub Restoration Challenge. Good luck! I knwo you can do this, because your one of the finest Grand Rapids Short Sale Agents.

Posted by Stephanie Anson (Anson Properties LLC) over 5 years ago

Hi Tami,

You got me all curious now.I wonder how the outcome went?Please update us.Anyway I was having a problem like that as well.Good blog and stay the best Grand Rapid Short sale agent.

Posted by Kim & Kristine Halverson, Realtors (, Santa Monica Real Estate :) ) over 5 years ago

Hi Tami,

I'm glad I got to read this blog.Thanks for this blog,hope you can update us what happened.Best of luck and stay top notch Grand Rapids Short Sale Agent. 


Posted by Nestor & Katerina Gasset, Realtors, Wellington Florida Homes For Sale (International Properties and Investments LLC) over 5 years ago

Tami,this is a helpful blog.Great share! I will definitely try this out.Keep it up being an expert Grand Rapids Short Sale Agent.Wishing you more success to come.


Posted by Petra Norris, Realtor, Lakeland FL Homes for Sale (CDV TransAtlantic, Inc.) over 5 years ago